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Church is what we do all week long. We don't go to church, we are the church.

  • Oikos-Family

    Allen Luze started praying for a new coworker named Heather. Allen's CLUSTER joined him in praying for her. After a while, Allen had an opportunity to invite Heather to attend his CLUSTER with him. Heather felt welcome and cared for and started to grow in her own relationship with Jesus. Before long, Heather Quaid was a regular part of the Rustic Hills church family.

    Heather started praying for her coworkers and then Heather's CLUSTER joined her in praying for those coworkers.

    After a while, Heather felt like God was leading her to try and start a Bible study at work. This was new territory for Heather, but she was willing since God seemed to be leading in it.

    Some of Heather's coworkers weren't interested, but several were. For over a year, Heather met with these people from work. Several of them visited Rustic Hills from time to time and Jennifer Falk and Annie Stoddard started coming regularly.

    Jen and Annie started inviting their friends and family and before long Jen's mom (Annie's aunt), Linda Ronczyk and Jen's husband Josh started coming. They also brought some children they care for at times -- AnneMarie, Ellis and Paige.

    It wasn't long before AnneMarie, Ellis and Paige brought their parents -- Bill and Tacia Underwood who are now part of the Rustic Hills family. And about the same time, Jen's brother Andrew Ronczyk and his son Wyatt started coming. Then Andrew brought his girlfriend Kristina and her daughter Braelyn. Now everybody is part of the Rustic Hills family.

  • Katie & Kristi Kooiker

    Katie & Kristi Kooiker showed up at Rustic Hills several weeks ago. Katie had been living in Florida and then a few months in California before heading home to a rural home near Ellsworth, MN. When she moved home she and her sister Kristi began looking for a church home.

    Katie found Rustic Hills online. She was surprised to discover that she had driven by the church building several times when she was in Sioux Falls. Katie read through much of the website, and said, "I listened to several of the messages. What impressed me was that the Bible was in all of them! The Bible was the focus."

    "We felt like family right away -- brothers and sisters in Christ. You didn't even know us, but we were overwhelmed with the love you showed."

    "The Welcome Bag was very impressive and made us feel special." "I was looking for a church I would be comofortable inviting someone to attend. I want people to grow with Jesus."