• Denise Wehrkamp

    This last 3 1/2 months I have not been able to journal as I still am not able to write. I have tried becoming left-handed, and I can sign my name, but just having words flow onto paper just takes way too long. So my journaling has become my voice texts on Facebook. I know so many people use the responses that are sort of clichés when you are going through hard times. "God will not give you more than you can bear" and "what is God trying to teach you? " so here is my response to those two sayings. I thought my mom was the only one that used these - but oh man - We have got that from soooooo many people during this last little bit. Yes, life often hands you more than you can bear! That is when we find out to totally lean on God's care and compassion and know and trust that He truly will take care of you. Also, I do not for a minute believe God hands you all the things in your life that you get. I do believe bad things happen to good people just because there is sin in the world. We live in a sinful world! God gave us free choice. We often have to live "yuk" due to the consequences of other people's sins. God definitely can use the things that we go through for his ultimate glory! And he has, over and over and over again in our lives. Just this week our electric budget went down $72 a month. Guess how much our Delta dental Cobra is? Yes, you guessed it $72 a month. We have also found new renters! We were able to raise our rent $250 a month. And yesterday we sold our 55 Ford that we have been trying to sell for years!! I put it on Facebook and all the different rummage sale and car Facebook pages and within one hour we had a check in hand! God is good! Absolutely all of the time! We still have a ways to go with my elbow, finding a new job etc.,  but with God we will be OK! Thank you, thank you, thank you to our friends and family that have actually reached out to us in this time in our lives!! Tim and I never ever thought that we would be where we are at right now in this stage of our lives. As much "Dave Ramsey" ready you think you are- losing both your jobs within a year sort of sucks your emergency fund dry. But God is faithful!! He is taking care of all of our needs!! Saying you trust Him when everything is great is just that - great!! But actually having to truly do it - and then have God show up in just miraculous ways is absolutely AMAZING!!!!